The Beginning

Danae helped in her mom’s bakery and café as a child

The Dream

Got her first official restaurant job in Chestertown, Maryland after high school


Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a major in Service Management and specialization in Restaurant Enterprise Management

The love of food is not a new concept in our household. Having grown up in a Mennonite home, we were taught to love all things food. Our mom taught us the valuable life lessons of how to make amazing food from scratch, how to host fantastic parties, that nearly anyone can be made happy by being fed, and that anything can be made better by adding a little bit more butter.

The goal for Charmed. is to be a place where the atmosphere is full of delicious aromas, friendly chatter, and hearty appetites. We never want you to leave without feeling happy, content, and already planning your next visit.

We love food. We love creating food, eating food, and making people happy with food. We want to bring that to Charmed. and create a sense of home, comfort, and charm!

Our idea is to create, produce, and serve delicious, full-flavored food and establish Charmed. as a favorite local restaurant.


Danae Schrock


The owner is my sister, Danae Schrock! She started helping in our mom’s bakery and café when she was young, worked at a farmer’s market/deli, and then got her first official restaurant job in Chestertown, Maryland after high school. She became one of the line chefs at Brooks Tavern, and credits 90% of her food and knife skills to the owners Kevin and Barbara McKinney.

Danae moved to Baltimore in 2010 to attend Culinary school. After a year and a half of schooling and working in restaurants, Danae worked a “front of house” position as server and bartender for a year, and then became one of the restaurants’ managers. From there, Danae moved to a General Manager position at a restaurant in downtown Baltimore and enrolled in Business School. In 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a major in Service Management and specialization in Restaurant Enterprise Management. The dream was always to start a restaurant of her own, and after years of talking about it, Danae decided to make it a reality. In recognition of her love for Baltimore (“Charm City”), Charmed. was derived. The entire menu was created by Danae, and she gained inspiration for dishes from our mom, her foodie friends, and from visiting small cafés in Chicago, during a 3-month stint there.

Can’t wait to see you at Charmed.!


Donna Borntrager


The General Manager of Charmed. is my sister, Donna Borntrager. Donna brings the hospitality, creativity, and organizational skills that Charmed. needs to create an atmosphere of home and welcome. Donna is a wife, mother, registered nurse, and all-around guru for Charmed. When she’s not in the middle of any of those things, what she really loves to do is paint and create. Come to Charmed. to see her latest creations/paintings!

– Danae

Reggie Spence

Reggie is passionate about mastering cooking skills and taste. He’s perfected soul cooking and continues to produce incredible specials and dishes for you every week. Reggie has over 12 years of kitchen experience and has been cooking for 8. His dependability and talent makes us—and the customers—happy. ‘Give my compliments to the chef,’ is something we hear regularly. Head over to his Instagram and give him a follow and then come in, say hi, and order some of his incredible food.
Instagram: @donsdivine

Heidi Holleger

Heidi is passionate about hospitality, drink making, baking, and all things Charmed. Heidi has been with us for 2 years, but has 10+ experience in the food industry. Her willingness to be used in whatever position we need her for has been an incredible addition to Charmed. Come in today and say hi and order one of her incredible drinks!



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All orders except the Mexican Breakfast comes with your choice of hashbrowns or fruit.

Creating flavor combinations that bring cooks and our restaurant guests pleasure is my job and I love it.”

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All orders minus the salads & quesadilla, come with your choice of fries, fruit, or salad.


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